Kevin Moss

After the floods fishery update
« on: September 05, 2009, 15:58:49 PM »
After the heavy floods at the Glen of rothes trout fishery,the fishery is now open again and with all minor repairs to the road all done .the lochs are fine apart from today with coloured water which is to be expected but was clearing well and should be ok on Sunday.Those who were fishing today were catching very well and said the fish were in really good condition and clean,like bars of silver,so it has done them alot of good.the coarse loch was also fishing well and fish were also being caught so all is well at the fishery with the only problem now solved being the minor road damage which was minoris fine.Unlike previous floods where it was devastating to the fishery,this has been nothing and the prevention we had in place has worked perfect.Anglers can be assured it is fishing as normal at the Glen,these are the FACTS and anything else anyone may hear will be pure rumour and untrue.It is typical in angling that rumours of disaster and they grow but we are as normal and if in doubt come and see for yourself.We have been very lucky,thankfully,due to prevention from knowledge of previous years.

Kevin Moss

Re: After the floods fishery update
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2009, 21:36:08 PM »
Just a note to say a big thanks to those who helped today and no paying customers were fishing ,but those who helped out had a fish and did well.We dont believe in taking money from people in those conditions and some had travelled from perth.


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