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Haddo Trout Fishery
« on: 12/12/2006 at 02:01 »
Haddo has fished well throughout the week, with gold bead hare's ear, buzzers, bloodworm, mini cats, damsel and pheasant tail nymph all proving productive on floating lines.

A good variety of species have made an appearance this week, as Che Osborne found when he fished the venue for the first time and caught 7 fish up to 7 lb, including Charr, brown trout, blues and rainbows.

From the boats, Hugh Baxter enjoyed a good session tempting 6 fish including a 6 lb blue, Alex Burnett netted 8 fish up to 6 lb 1 oz, Stuart Forsyth 10 to 6 lb, Jim Adie 11 to 3 lb, Bill Main 12 to 4 lb, Kevin MacKenzie 12 to 5 lb ( Kevin also tried a wee "maiden voyage" in the float tube for a while and got his first "tow" ) Stuart Spence caught 13 to 6 lb, Keith Crocket 26 to 5 lb and Iain Cameron enjoyed a rather "cool" float tube session netting 8 fish up to 5 lb.

The festive season is just round the corner, so things are getting quieter and boat availability is usually therefore good ..... but I'd still give me quick phone on 07810 868897 to check availability and conditions on the day before travelling.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio

(below) Che's first Haddo fish was this Arctic Charr  :cool:

(below) Keith found buzzers to be productive

(below) Bill playing a nice blue trout

(below) Iain had a cool session in the float tube

(below) Kevin also went out for a "maiden voyage" and got his first "tow"