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Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery
« on: 12/07/2009 at 15:18 »
Hi Folks

Best patterns for last week
Daddy, Nymphs, Hoppers, Buzzer, Bloodworm, WSW and Yellow Dancer

A. Gibson had 22 fish up to 4lb for his 4 hr session
S. Griffiths had 21 fish up to 5lb for his 2 sessions
C. Stephen enjoyed his session with 15 fish up to 6lb
R. Milne enjoyed some good sport fishing with 13 fish up to 5lb
C. Field had 13 fish up to 2lb 8oz
A. Brain had 10 fish up to 2lb 8oz
J. Riddle had 10 fish up to 3lb
N. Thomson had 9 fish up to 3lb 8oz
J. Mitchell had 9 fish up to 3lb
B. Gray had 9 fish up to 3lb
G. Wood had 7 fish on the dry up to 3lb

The all night fishing went off very well.
Prises went to R. Milne, S. Griffiths, D. Gray and J. Riddle
For most fish and biggest fish

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