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Mike Barrio

Haddo Trout Fishery ( to July 6th )
« on: 06/07/2009 at 19:54 »
Hi folks :cool:

Diawl Bachs, Spiders, Bibio, Damsels, the Daddy, Klinks, Buzzers and Hare's Ear nymphs have been on the menu at Haddo this week :wink

Ron Ewen enjoyed a great 6hr session early in the week tempting 50+ fish up to 5 lb, Scott Johnston had 25+ up to 3 lb, Jonathan Petrie 16 up to 4 lb, Richard Harries 15+ up to 3 lb, Ronnie Birnie 14 up to 2 lb, Michael Troup 13 up to 8 lb, Len Davidson 13 up to 5 lb, Frank Thrall 12 up to 2 lb, Derek Troup 10 up to 8 lb, Robert Mauchline 10 up to 7 lb and Malcom Ewen netted 10 fish up to 5 lb.

But this week's hot spell lead to me closing the fishery on Sunday due to the water temperature! This is the first time in 8yrs that I've made this decision :z6

Before anybody gets excited, no I haven't lost any fish ........ but I do not wish to take folk's money if I feel that they have little chance of catching a fish due to the trout sulking and of course, it is not fair on the fish to increase their stress in these conditions.
I am opening for a 4hr fishing session in the mornings this week for the moment, as this is when the water is at its coolest.

I am monitoring the temperature, hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I could see things improving throughout the day today.

I didn't take many photos this week, but I'll add a couple to the report when I get a chance :z15
Best wishes
Mike Barrio

Mike Barrio

Re: Haddo Trout Fishery ( to July 6th )
« Reply #1 on: 06/07/2009 at 21:49 »
Yes, didn't take many this week, but here are a couple .........