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« on: 31/05/2009 at 20:50 »
Hi Folks

Best patterns for last week: Buzzer, Bloodworm, Damsel, Klinkhammer, WSW and Humungas

A. Gibson enjoyed his 4hr session with 23 fish up to 4lb
G. Smith had 18 fish up to 3lb
P. Glendinning had 16 fish up to 3lb 8oz
M. James had 15 fish up to 6lb
B. Gilbert had 14 fish up to 4lb
J. Patterson had 14 fish up to 12lb
B. Gray had 12 fish up to 3lb
A. Alexander had 10 fish up to 3lb
N. Patterson had 7 fish up to 5lb
G. Clark had 6 fish up to 3lb
D. Gray had 5 fish up to 2lb 8oz
Z. Hall had 5 fish up to 5lb
B. Reid had 5 fish up to 2lb
K. Haul had 5 fish up to 3lb

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