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Kevin Moss

Glen of rothes report
« on: 21/05/2009 at 19:15 »
Another fine fishing display this week by many anglers who took plenty of fish and cdc patterns wrked well even in the rain and heavy winds which was surprising.Peter Green had another of a bumper day with a tally of 66 fish with his best at 8lbs 7ozs and Karen Gillies had 52 ,her best at 6lbs 2ozs,Keith Cryle had a nice 7lb 4ozs fish,Graham Hartey had a 36 fish recorded,A Fraser had 40 fish,les Aitken had a good day with 23 fish,Dave leitch had 19 on a foam beetle dry,Del McPherson had 18 on cdc,David Reid had an 18 and 17 on 2 outings on cdc,s,George Cowie had 11 with his best at 6lb 1ozs,On a 16 fish was Bob Fraser and Grant Henderson,Alec Simpson had 14 fish,on 11 fish were Brain Lightfoot,Andy McInnes and B Quigly on 12 fish was Mark Morrison and on 10 fish were jim Walker,Andrew Ulke Adam Strathdee and Al Clark.The coarse fish compy was won by Neil Corbett with bream and golden orfe for 5lbs 14ozs.The next competition is the Help for Heroes which is a charity event with plenty of prizes and raffles and a casting comp afterwards to raise as much money for Injured service men and women.Many prizes have been donated,which we would like to thank the genorosity of companys and individuals on their behalf and hope the competition will be well supported and raffles available at the fishery throughout the day and open to anyone to fish the competition or the casting competition,you dont have to be an expert its the support of the events for the cause which is important.A list of raffle prizes you can win are on the website .The competition and raffle draw is on 7th June with the draw after wards

Rob Brownfield

Re: Glen of rothes report
« Reply #1 on: 22/05/2009 at 23:34 »
Put my name down for that one...