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Mike Barrio

Haddo Trout Fishery ( to March 23rd )
« on: 23/03/2009 at 18:35 »
Hi folks :cool:

Here are some of this week's photos ...... I'll add a fishing report later this evening :wink

Mike Barrio

Re: Haddo Trout Fishery ( to March 23rd )
« Reply #1 on: 23/03/2009 at 23:20 »
Hi folks :cool:

Damsels, Spiders, Buzzers, Cats, Pearly Pennell and Bloodworm have been on the menu at Haddo this week :wink

Kev Danby enjoyed a good session tempting 20 fish up to 6 lb, Stuart Spence had 16 up to 10 lb, Jim Adie 10 up to 5 lb, Chris McAllister 10 up to 4 lb and Kenny Hall netted 10 fish up to 3 lb.

It has been great to see some enthusiastic beginners over the week and most of them have managed to catch a fish or two :z16

A few nice fish made an appearance, with Malcom Mead, Jim Mackie, Michael Troupe, Gavin Loy, Alex Burnett, Steven Grant and David Bruce all catching fish in the 8 - 11 lb range.

There are just a few days left in this year's Haddo Winter League competition, Alex Burnett is in a strong position in the lead with 107 fish and Jim Adie is looking reasonably comfortable in second place, but who will win the third place trophy?

Best wishes
Mike Barrio