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Hamish Young

Dee - Crathes today
« on: March 13, 2009, 18:47:24 PM »
So I had a day at Crathes today - a wee treat to myself for passing the exams a while back  :wink

Conditions couldn't have been better, day started full of promise.... even the first cast of the day went well. Always a good sign.
By 10:30 (when diverdave rang me) not a pull. Sod all.
Hurridly get going again, and yeee haaaa..... fish on. Yards of line going off the reel and all feels good. Then it all goes quiet and slack.
Seems the fly had turned over on the leader, so the hooks would never have had a good hold..... and the fish would never have been landed. Bugger  :z6 But shit happens, it's called fishing not catching, so move on and don't worry about it.

Light a cigarette, watch the world go by. Nice pair of tits playing on the other bank.

Kelts and fresh fish by the bucket load jumping all around me and not a fish taking, other three guys on the beat suffering the same.
So, re-started and...... bang.... fish on :! For all of 3 seconds  :z6
Recast to same spot, light a fag, watch the world go by then... BANG... fish on  :grin ... lasted all of 15 seconds. Which was long enough for the Ghillie to leg it out of the hut with the net :z10
This is beginning to take the piss, we agree.

Hamish has a mild 'character building moment' and starts again. Guess what  :?

That's right. Naff all happened.

Move on down the beat and by lunch time, no less than 5 fish have been on and off for varying amounts of time  :roll

Still, nice lunch in good company.

Moved to the top of the beat after lunch. Looks very nice too but the wind is picking up and can't make its damn mind up which way it wants to blow either  :roll Never mind, the shooting head outfit and my prototype cone-head-thingmy-fly seems well matched. Better than the guy on the other bank is doing anyway.

Oh.... the line has stopped moving. Odd, it was swinging around nicely. Hmmm. I wonder..........

Oh. Bang......... bang...... BANG. Yup, fish on. Still on 5 minutes later, but clear it's a kelt. Pop that one back, feel a smidgen better that perhpas I haven't completely 'lost it' after all.

Cast again, light a fag, watch the world go by. See that nice pair of tits are on the other bank again.

Hang on..... reel seems to be lossing line at a hell of a rate. I wonder..... BANG :! Has to be a springer this one, it's taking line and heading back to the sea. About bloody time too.
15 minutes later a bloody massive..... kelt.... is ready for landing. Fought really hard, needs some help to get it going again must weigh all of 15lbs as it is, wonder how big it would have been when fresh :?

One pool later and it happens again. Another kelt. But no fresh fish..... plenty around but none taking, so time to go home and earn brownie points  :wink

And that folks, are the thoughts that went through my head today, sort of a report on my enjoyable day at Crathes. Bloody marvellous fun - no springer (maybe one of the fish that fell off was, who can tell  :z8) but to contact 8 fish and all on one of my prototypes is very gratifying. Would I do it again :?
Well, I've spent considerably less on rods in the past. So not right away. But soon  :z7
Very soon  :z15 :z15 :z15 :z15 :z15 :z15 :z15 :z15

Just don't tell she who must be obeyed  :z4

Hamish  :z3

PS - I have some pics on the camera of the beat (no fish, concentrated on landing/returning them) will load them up sometime soon.
PPS - For those interested, the tits were in a BMW  :z7
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Re: Dee - Crathes today
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2009, 22:06:41 PM »
Hi Hamish,

My sister was up at Crathes today in her BMW - she said that she had a great time watching some guy chain smoking who turned the air blue on a few occasions..............something or other about Kelts.

Only joking, sounds like the type of day that I'd have enjoyed.
Obviously it would have been nice to contact, perhaps you did, so I should say 'land' a fresh fish but I'm sure the excitement and anticipation experienced throughout the day will stay with you for a while.

I'd look on it as a very successful day.


Mike Barrio

Re: Dee - Crathes today
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2009, 22:22:52 PM »
Hi Hamish :cool:

Sounds like you had a grand day out ..... great stuff :z16

Thanks for sharing it with us
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Re: Dee - Crathes today
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2009, 22:24:55 PM »
Nice report Hamish  :z16
What were your tactics / set up for most of your fishing?
Flies, sink tip & rod etc.
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Hamish Young

Re: Dee - Crathes today
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2009, 22:45:19 PM »
It was a fun day out, a return visit this season is highly likely  :cool: I will get that springer this year....... I will :! :!

Baz  - the fly is a 1 1/2 inch (ish) tungsten cone head tube Tosh type of thing, with a few 'Hamish' tweaks. I'll bring the flies along with me on Sunday, if you're coming :?
Rod is a 15ft B&W Powerlite Deluxe matched to a Rio AFS shooting head, this time the 'hover' line with a quick sinking tip added loaded on an Orvis Mach VI reel.
1st B&W rod I've really taken a shine to, utterly different to the other Powerlites or Norways I've picked up; effortless to fish with and very very rewarding to cast.

Iain - very good  :z4

Hamish  :z3
Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience ;)


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