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Delgatie Trout Fishery
« on: January 03, 2009, 19:05:57 PM »
Hi all

I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year.

Fishing has been hard going. Due to the weather conditions we’ve been getting. No wind and no rain for 3 weeks now, the water is still.
This morning had the first of ice; it didn’t take long to break it up. A lack of water going through the lake.

Best patterns for last week.
Cormorant, Bloodworm, Buzzer and Ace of spades

B. Grey fishing with cormorant caught 3 fish total weight 6 lb 1oz and returned 4 fish up to 2 lb 8oz.
N. Paterson fishing with bloodworm and wsw returned 4 fish up to 3lb.
P. Watt fishing with yellow fritz returned 3 fish up to 2lb 8oz
N. Thomson fishing with buzzer returned 3 fish up to 3lb 8oz
N. Bray fishing with ace of spades caught 2 fish total weight 5lb 11 oz and one of those fish
had a tag in it and Norman won himself £45.00.

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