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delgatie castle trout fishery
« on: November 19, 2006, 19:30:16 PM »
Lures such as w.s.w. and yellow dancer have been the most productive in the cold weather, accounting for some good bags and some quality trout. Bloodworm also fished well but sport was patchy when the weather was cold with trout only feeding for short periods of time throughout the day.
Buckie angler J Rennie was again top rod with a bag of 22 to 8lb taken on buzzers and w.s.w. P Lyon had a couple of good sessions taking bags of 18 and then 10 with fish of 7lb and 6lb falling to his orange fritz. Whitehills angler H Kellas bagged 16 to 4lb on lures while J Finnie landed 16 to 4lb on a white fritz. K Simpson had his best day,  boating 15 on lures with fish of 9.2lb and 6.2lb in his bag while A Hay and J Chalmers both had bags of 14 to 4lb on lures. Turriff angler T Novak bagged 10 to 4lb on a bloodworm while S Rankin landed 9 to 5lb on lures, I Burnett also bagged 9 with fish of 8lb and 6lb falling to his w.s.w. K Reid bagged one at 10.8lb in his bag of 8 and G Ross had one of 10lb in his bag of 8, both taken on a bloodworm. A Simpson bagged 8 to 3.8lb on a cats whisker and R McKay bagged 7 to 4lb on a bloodworm.
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kevin simpson with his fish of 6.2lb and 9.2lb

john gardiner braving the elements

a fine end to the day


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