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Hi People

Am looking to do some Pike fishing in the area (Aberdeenshire) and wondering where i can do this and how much does it cost? :z8

Are you allowed to fish Loch of Srathbeg or St Michaels loch near colliston?

I know you can fish Loch of Skene but i think it is for members only :cry ???


I remember this being discussed briefly before, try searching as I cant remember which thread it was in!

Rob Brownfield:
No to Strathbeg...unlikely there are any Pike in there, but its a bird reserve, no to St.Michaels...private property and still under negotiation as to whether we will ever get access. looks unlikely.

Skene is season ticket, apply to Dunecht estate.

Aboyne loch is 6 a day but many of the Pike have been illegally removed for food!! this last two years

Loch Kinord is 10 a day, BUT, its closed now until April(ish) and has also been hit by our friendly Pike eaters. they have also succeeded in leaving behind a hell of a mess  :mad

Other lochs in the area are private and strictly no fishing (Dinnet and Davan)

All in all, this is the reason we tend to travel away from aberdeenshire and fish for Pike up north.

There is another place that i fished when i was a lad (i am only 31 but married recently and feel old)its called Fedderate reservior up in New Deer and had good stocks of trout wild and reared.
always thought there would be pike in there and not a place any one fishes alot.

has anyone fished this place lately?

Maybe worth a try?

Jim Eddie:

The Fraserburgh Angling club still has the fishing rights on Fedderate , it closes with the end of the Brown Trout season though, you can get day tickets from Whitecairns croft during the season. No Pike as far as I know.




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