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« on: 14/09/2008 at 18:59 »
Hi all.
Best flies last week.
Klinkhammer, cdc, hares ear, damsel, Montana, cormorant, cats, black, olive and green lures.

J. Rhind fishing with black and green lure caught 4 fish total weight 11 lb 3oz and returned 6 fish.
N. Cameron fishing with the Montana caught 4 fish total weight 10 lb 6oz and returned 4 fish.
R. Duncan fishing with cdc caught 4 fish total weight 10 lb 3oz.
A, Taylor fishing with klinkhammer and buzzer returned 4 fish up to 3lb.
G. Farries fishing with klinkhammer and hares ear caught 1 fish of 3lb 15oz and returned 3 fish.
P. Malley fishing with dry and buzzer caught 2 fish total weight 6lb 13oz and returned 1 fish

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