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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to May 5th ) New
« on: May 04, 2008, 18:25:22 PM »
Hi folks :cool:

There have been plenty of rising fish at Haddo this week, but these continue to be nymphing just below the surface. The loch has been fishing well, with Mini Fritz, Stoney, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Damsels, Hoppers and Bibios proving good choices :wink

The fish stayed on the feed almost all day today ( holiday Monday ) and when this happens at Haddo catches can be "rather good" :z7 Dave Fraser tempted 52 fish up to 7 lb for his 8 hrs, Jimmy Rhind netted 50 up to 10 lb, Brian Christie 41 up to 6 lb, Rob Duncan 40 up to 12 lb, Mark Morrison 36 up to 12 lb and Nigel Cameron had 27 fish up to 14 lb ......... which made 246 fish for three boats :shock

Chris McAllister enjoyed another good session this week with 25 fish up to 6 lb, Steven Sinclair had 22 up to 8 lb, Sandy Murdoch 21 up to 10 lb, Lee Welsh 20 up to 15 lb, Duncan White 19 up to 3 lb, Jason Brown 18 up to 5 lb, Scott Sim 18 up to 4 lb, John Buchan 15 up to 13 lb, Hamish Young 14 up to 6 lb, Peter Scott 13 up to 6 lb, Dave Cosgrove 12 up to 10 lb, Malcom Mead 12 up to 10 lb and Ronnie Birnie netted 11 fish up to 8 lb.

Scott Sharp, Rory Grout, Gwyn Mali, Ben Griffiths and Ian Jones all caught their first trout on the fly this week, some of which were cracking fish ....... especially Rory's 10 pounder!

The larger resident fish have been feeding well, Mathew Reilly netted a 12 lb 4 oz rainbow, John Buchan had a 14 lb fish and Mel McRae, Stuart Spence and John Chalmers all had fish of 10 lb or more.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio

(below) Cool sequence ...... Brian almost manages to net his fish, but in the end Dave manages to net his first, while Brian's goes right the way round him :z4

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Re: Haddo Trout Fishery ( to May 5th )
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Looks like a real party going on there Mike  :z12



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