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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to April 21st ) New
« on: April 21, 2008, 21:53:11 PM »
Hi folks :cool:

Buzzers, Damsels and Diawl Bachs have proved popular fly choices at Haddo this week. There have been some awesome rises for the time of year, but these appear to be a tad tricky as folk are still fishing mainly nymphs ........ somebody will work out what they're feeding on soon :z7

Scott Hartley tempted 31 fish up to 7 lb for his session, Nicola Gibson netted 26 up to 8 lb, Kevin Neri 25 up to 12 lb, Steve Clark 19 up to 5 lb, Lee Dalziel 16 up to 5 lb, Phil Broadley 15 up to 8 lb, Colin McKay 15 up to 4 lb, Alex Thain 13 up to 6 lb, Brian Liebenberg 12 up to 18 lb, Stuart Spence 12 up to 6 lb, John Buchan 12 up to 5 lb, George Niblock 12 up to 5 lb, Raymond Bowen 11 up to 10 lb, Scott Buchan 10 up to 8 lb, Jason Brown 10 up to 5 lb and John Millington caught 10 fish up to 13 lb.

Dave Mundie caught a nice 15 lb rainbow, Iain Morrison one of 12 lb, George Walker an 11 lb fish and Ally Buchan, Jim Mackie, Paul Goodwin and Craig Wieland all had trout of approx 10 lb.

Kevin Neri fished his last Winter League entry today and he has taken the lead away from Chris McAllister by just two fish :shock .......... but Chris has one more entry up his sleeve :z7 ........... Who will win? :z3

Best wishes
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