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Artloch Report
« on: April 21, 2008, 12:24:22 PM »
Delighted to say that rising fish are now becoming a feature of Artloch, such that trout are being taken on small dark dries and CDCs and the advent of warmer weather will only improve top of the water fishing further. 

Buzzers are at last back on the menu, especially if light or brightly coloured, and have proved successful if fish on a short leader.   Damsels, particularly a those hot heads, together with Cats Whisker and WSWs have also attracted the fish. Some excellent specimens of fully finned bows have been taken including a perfect 5lbs 2ozs bow by Gus Ogilvie using a lime green nymph.  Returns include L Wood who released 12 using buzzers, visitor P Eva with 14, best at 5lbs also on buzzers and I Sutherland with 16 on a mixture of buzzers and dries, best at 8lbs. J Rennie released 23, best at circa 7lbs using a damsel, while on the same day S Rennie tempted 27, best at 5lbs also with a damsel.       

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