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Mike Barrio

Haddo Trout Fishery ( to April 6th )
« on: 07/04/2008 at 00:26 »
Hi folks :cool:

The most productive flies have changed almost as frequently as the weather at Haddo this week, but anglers have enjoyed some great sport with anything from tiny buzzers to the black fritz :wink

Rob Duncan tempted 34 fish for his session including a cracking 12 lb Blue, Nigel Cameron netted 30 fish up to 7 lb, Jimmy Rhind 25 up to 10 lb, Chris McAllister 20 up to 6 lb, Kevin Neri 18 up to 10 lb, Andrew McGinn 17 up to 12 lb, Alan Baird 16 up to 10 lb, Gavin Addison 15 up to 11 lb, Brian Christie 15 up to 12 lb, Dave Fraser 13 up to 12 lb, Leonard Davidson 11 up to 7 lb, Peter Scott 10 up to 12 lb, Jim Finnie 10 up to 10 lb and Bob Clayton had 10 fish up to 6 lb.

Peter McCallum found his first fish of the year to be a bit of a handful, a well proportioned 11 lb rainbow that gave him a good tow around in his float tube ........ Nice one :cool:

Scott Buchan and Jim Scott enjoyed their maiden voyage in a Haddo boat, they caught 10 trout between them despite Sunday's conditions and Jim took 2 nice fish home to Shetland for 18 lb 8 oz ........ Great stuff :cool:

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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Mike Barrio

Re: Haddo Trout Fishery ( to April 6th )
« Reply #1 on: 07/04/2008 at 23:16 »
Just a quick note to add :z17

The 12 lb Blue that Rob Duncan released was a pretty good approx weight by boat partner Brian Christie from Elgin ( Brian from the Glen of Rothes Fishery ) ........... but this does not break Andrew Barrowman's recent record Blue of 10 lb 12 oz, as I didn't weigh the fish in the net.
Not that Rob appeared to be worried ......... he was just happy with catching the fish :z16

Best wishes
Mike Barrio