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Fishery Reports / Re: Lochter Fishery Ponds Re-Opening
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Today at 13:09:07 »
Great stuff .... I hope this weekend is a big success :z16
Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2020
« Last post by Duncan McRae on Today at 12:54:31 »
I see there was a Brownie of over 8lb caught last week as well, Upper Fintray.

Saw a picture on the ADAA site.That really is some trout!!
It looks to have a fair Kype on it suggesting cock fish but it's difficult to tell from the photo.

Fishery Reports / Lochter Fishery Ponds Re-Opening
« Last post by Howard & Stuart on Today at 12:50:58 »
The wet weather gods have been kind to us in the past week allowing our two re-vitalised ponds to fill up at a faster rate and the good news is that we will be fully open from 8am this Saturday 11th July.  Our opening hours will be extended to 10pm or dusk, whatever is sooner, so 14 hours of fishing fun.

Our bait pond is also filled and re-stocked ready for some well needed Summer holiday fun.

This weekend (Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th July) for customers on the day there will be a self distancing carryout BBQ from 12noon to 3pm hosted by Lochterís maestro of the tongs, head chef Bruce Harper.

There has been much anticipation for this opening day and Iím sure our discerning customers wonít be disappointed by the efforts that Lochter Director, Euan Webster, put in to clearing, deepening and re-shaping the two front ponds for your fishing pleasure.

Walking round the new ponds they look most inviting with the water crystal clear and weed free so all the avid angler now needs to do is find their Ďnewí favourite spot.

All the Lochter Fishery staff Ė Stuart, Ron, Bert and Amy look forward to welcoming you back.  Please note, at present, until the rest of the Lochter Centre re-opens, we can only accept cash payments.

Tight Lines

Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2020
« Last post by Dave Robb on Yesterday at 17:53:49 »
I see there was a Brownie of over 8lb caught last week as well, Upper Fintray.
Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2020
« Last post by Duncan McRae on Yesterday at 13:13:05 »
Well done Jamie,you'll remember that fish for a long time :z16

I was chasing seatrout the other week, upstream of the golf club and there were some huge trout feeding at dusk.Regretted not having my trout tackle with me.

Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2020
« Last post by Jamie Rennie on Yesterday at 10:37:43 »
It was a real fight with that one! Caught it on a Alexandria.  Iíve been following the posts on the site for a long time but never joined.  The information Iíve read over the past has been a god send. 

Rod Building / Re: Epic 590C
« Last post by Steven Kidd on July 05, 2020, 21:43:10 PM »
Thanks Sandy,

I ordered a rod dryer and got over my stingy nature, no hurry.  Better done right than half ar$ed.

I have really enjoyed the process so far and right into looking at other builds to see what can be achieved so who knows this may be the first of many, 👍😉

Thatís great stuff Alexander

Nothing quite beats catching fish on your own rod with your own flies :z16

Rod Building / Re: Epic 590C
« Last post by Sandy Nelson on July 05, 2020, 21:33:54 PM »
If the silk is black then no real need to thin it down. Thinning it down is for getting a fully translucent wrap.
The thinner epoxy shift more air out of the silk and makes it translucent, but if you are using black or nylon thread then it doesnít really make any difference . Just remember to still make the coats really thin and donít worry if the thread soaks it up and looks  a bit bare on the first coat. 3 thin coats gives a much better finish than 2 thicker ones. Itís worth the effort

Main Discussion Area / Re: Am I the only one happy with Nicola's decision?
« Last post by Terry Coging on July 05, 2020, 21:16:17 PM »
Coming up there Sept 5th. Hope we are made welcome..... my flies will be sanitised  :X2
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