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Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2017
« Last post by Sandy Nelson on Today at 19:44:27 »
Thats pretty cool dude :z16

Loving the mashed up photo, shows how they change shape as they grow, especially the head. Well spotted :z5

Main Discussion Board / Re: Hoddom Castle Fishing trip
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Today at 13:13:01 »
Sandy doing a bit of net practice? :z4

Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2017
« Last post by Ali McEwan on Today at 11:47:13 »
Very interesting 👍🏻 Great post
Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2017
« Last post by Dave Felce on Today at 10:51:46 »
wow!  :z12
Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2017
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Today at 10:16:04 »
Great stuff Scott, interesting to see that growth scaled photo :z16
Rivers and Lochs / Re: River Don 2017
« Last post by Scott Cumming on Today at 10:09:23 »
The evening rises have been slow so far this year, I would expect better sedge hatches by now. However, there has been some decent BWO hatches lately which have brought some nice fish to the surface.

This Bruiser was caught on a size 16 BWO emerger. I thought this fish looked familiar when I brought him to the net as I donít catch many big fish with red spots... :?

Iíve searched through my fish pics and can confirm I caught this trout 3 years ago about 150 yards upstream. The trouts been in a few scrapes since its last capture and lost part of itís tail, but this didnít stop him putting up one hell of a fight.

Heres how it looked on the 29th of June 2014. It was a strong, sturdy fish back then! :z16

Using the rods in each photo as scale Iíve come up with an impression of how the fish would look side by side. Over the 3 years it has grown into a solid lump.... :z18

Iíve had several others similar in size to this one too...

So a decent start to the evening fishing for me but I think the best of the action has yet to come.

Fly Tying / Re: Different tails for Kate McLarens
« Last post by Derek Roxborough on Yesterday at 21:03:56 »
Allan's yer man for different tails on Kate MacClarens, with a Green tailed kate, I quite like the original as Charlie MacClaren, was weel known round here , Derek Roxborough
Fly Tying / Re: Different tails for Kate McLarens
« Last post by James Laraway on Yesterday at 16:49:15 »
a touch of blue
Main Discussion Board / Re: very bad news from Spain
« Last post by Rob Brownfield on Yesterday at 15:28:06 »
as for futility, the Australian government has not only introduced compulsory kill legislation in some territories, but is looking at introducing  a carp specific herpes virus to achieve their objectives and i understand this option has already been discussed in Spain...

I have been following the "Carp" issue in Australia for a while as I have a good friend who has just moved from Melbourne, where he was catching some beautiful carp, to Sydney, where he is struggling to get past huge eels to find a carp or three.  He is fishing a city lake that I fished way back in the 80's and its great to follow his exploits online.

I spoke to him about the issues of "eradication" over there and he cannot understand it. He is fishing some of the clearest, yet weediest lakes I have ever seen, yet is being told the carp have to go because they muddy water ways and root up all the vegetation.  He has been told that the eradication programme wont affect him in Sydney, but this virus is very easy to transfer on wet nets. Its a time bomb really, and I believe, completely irresponsible. The ornamental fish trade and keepers of Koi are in danger of losing everything.

It is strange that the only place carp apparently do "destruction" is Australia, New Zealand and some parts of America. Meanwhile, across the globe, and especially in Europe, we have never seen evidence of this.

The US have done similar eradications and ended up with dead waterways thanks to rotting fish stinking the place out. Even "natural" fish were wiped out because of what was effectively mass pollution. Now, after years of calling Carp trash fish, there is a sudden and fast growing band of carp fly fishers and waters that were once branded as "unfishable" have suddenly become carp meccas, with 20-30lb being sight fished in clear, shallow water.

There was a company in the UK that were trying to ship big Australian carp to the UK because the KHV virus was not in Oz, and therefore stock health could be guaranteed. I am not sure whatever happened to the idea.
Fly Tying / Re: Different tails for Kate McLarens
« Last post by James Laraway on Yesterday at 14:50:26 »
with a reddish tail
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