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Title: Lochter Report - Testing Times at Lochter
Post by: Howard & Stuart on November 06, 2019, 09:50:21 AM
Down Lochter way last week, or to be more precise, the second half of it, there was a descent into a mini Scottish monsoon which wouldn’t let up and it could be seen there was a discernable discouragement amongst the anglers as the dampness crept insidiously through their expensive “waterproof” clothing.

However it was only a fleeting moment of damp despondency due to the fact that the fish were feeding freely and being consistently caught on all 3 lochs.  The reports back to the bothy were that, on top of the fish being landed, they were getting numerous tugs, pulls, rugs and takes as the fish tentatively took and let go, so all in all plenty to keep even the most soggy angler interested.

Ronnie Ewen from Macduff had a great 6 hour session landing over 20 fish using a team of mixed cormorants.

Paul Ingram from Newmachar fished a bloodworm and buzzer combination on a sink tip line and was rewarded with 18 fish, two of them being in the 8 – 10lb region!
Dave Mackay used a white pearl lure to get 13 fish which included a splendid 10lb specimen and Fred McAlley from Aberdeen used a green pea lure also to get 13.

Davy Stewart from Turriff put on a sinking line and fished the Muckle Trout loch with a black WSW and he had some terrific sport landing 11 fish with several in the 5 – 8lb category.

Also on 11 fish was A Tweedie who got his on a bloodworm, A Brown fished cormorants to get 8 fish, Graham Duthie fished black lures for 7 fish and also on this number were E Johnston on bloodworm, Ian Armstrong on buzzers and Bill Buchan on sunburst blobs.

Special mention goes to the Frigate Bar Angling Club from Aberdeen who came out en-mass on Saturday in the teeth of the wind and rain.  Being a band of dedicated anglers, led by ‘mine host’ Ian Findlay they were never in anything other than good ‘spirits’ with most of them catching fish.  Colin Macdonald once again excelled himself landing 8 fish one of which was accurately weighted in at 11lb 13oz and returned to fight another day.

At time of writing this report the sun is shining brightly, there is a nice light wind producing a fine ripple on the water and bent rods are well in evidence.

What more could you want, the testing times are forgotten – for today!

Tight Lines
SP 5/11/19