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Title: delgatie castle trout fishery
Post by: sightbob on October 22, 2006, 19:17:59 PM
A fine week at Delgatie with fish averaging over 3lb and coming to the fly steady anglers were treated to some great sport.
Buckie angler J Rennie landed 15 fish on various flies with a fish of 3.8lb being the best while K Reid boated 14 on nomads with one at 6lb his best.
G Anderson boated 13 to 3.8lb on nymphs and L Greenlees of Aberdeen boated 13 with a fish of 4lb his best, K Reid jnr boated 12 to 5lb on nomads while A Anderson boated 11 to 5lb on lures. B Davidson landed 10 to 4lb on various flies while A Brown bagged 10 to 6lb on a w.s.w. T Ankers banked 9 to 3lb on a damsel while J Gardiner landed 9 on lures with a fish of 6.9lb his best. R Hambly boated 8 to 5lb on nymphs while B Reid landed 7 to 4lb on lures, W West bagged 7 to 5lb on wets while G Wood had 7 to 3.8lb on a bloodworm, P Adams also landed 7 on lures with a fish of 6lb his best.
K Duguid landed fish of 13lb and 12lb in hid bag of 6 taken on lures.
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