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Title: Lochter Report - Hedging Your Bets at Lochter
Post by: Howard & Stuart on May 14, 2019, 15:24:36 PM
Down Lochter way last week the improving weather meant you could release the shackles on your dry fly box and take a gamble on more top of the water sport.

Billowing from the hedgerows around Lochter came myriad surges of hawthorn flies and other tempting winged delicacies, which descended onto the lochs to be consumed by splashing trout eager to have their fill after the meagre rations of the previous weeks. It was a joyous sight to behold for the many fishers who witnessed the occasion and an indicator that the rising sun of the summer fishing season now has the temerity to rise above the horizon.

 Starting off the week M McLennan used a well ginked klinkhammer to good effect and had 20 fish to the net.

Dave Mackay used CDC’s during a rise and was pleased with his 19 fish, one being a splendidly plump brownie of 5 ½ lb which was returned to fight another day.

E Dickie used a sparsely tied spider during his session and landed 19 fish and Steve Prince used a spider and hawthorn combination to account for 17 fish.

Other dry fly successes were Brian Ross with 15 fish during an evening session and Paul Keir with 14 fish on a peacock spider then greenwells spider.

There were other methods that proved equally as effective at times during the week with the fishing duo of Albert Trail and Bill Wood ‘mopping up’ with 11 and 10 fish respectfully on the new fangled mop fly.

Buzzers still proved to be working very well with Matthew Will, A Robson from Nairn and Fred McAlly all in double figures for their sessions while using them.

So all in all it’s a good time to be out and about enjoying the sport we love. Give it a try!

Tight lines,

S.P 14/5/19