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Title: Lochter Report – Prince Cooks Up a Tasty Bite
Post by: Howard & Stuart on August 13, 2018, 15:12:24 PM
It can be quite irksome to be fishing away and not getting so much as an offer while just along the bank a fellow angler is pulling in fish after fish.

That was the situation on Tuesday at Lochter Fishery when local chef Steve Prince briskly twiddling his size fourteen diawl bachs netted a dozen nice fish and lost just as many while other anglers were scratching their heads and wondering ‘What is he doing?’ The answer was that
 Steve had got the combination of depth, speed of retrieve, type and size of fly just right. At this time of year trout have a plentiful supply of natural food and can be very picky and difficult to catch.

Small flies have certainly been the most successful with Alan Logan landing eight using tiny spiders in a lively four hour morning session and Colin Reid having a fine evening with nine to spiders and CDC’s. Ken Taylor used sedges and that old favourite the bibio to catch and release seven while small wets worked for Bill Coltart who had six.

The water temperature continues to fall. At the time of writing it is 13.5° C in the Muckle Troot and 16.5° C in the Heron Loch. As a result careful catch and release has been restored on all lochs. The forecast is for the cooler weather to continue which will certainly help the fishing.

HH 13/08/18