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Title: Ryobi reels 357 & 444
Post by: David Mustarde on May 02, 2017, 19:10:10 PM
can anyone please tell me the differences between these reels?
Title: Re: Ryobi reels 357 & 444
Post by: Hamish Young on May 02, 2017, 19:36:10 PM
Of the two you mention its pretty close on size but poles apart on materials and thinking.

The 357 is actually the 357 MG, made from light magnesium alloy and part of a Ryobi 'MG' range of superlight reels.
Pretty sure the 444 was actually a predecessor to the MG range and was a bog standard job - perhaps it could be considered as a deluxe Rimfly maybe :!
The 357 featured a press button to release the spool and a different spool porting design, it was a thoroughbred reel of it's time and of the two, the 357MG is likely to be now (and remain) the more collectable.

Title: Re: Ryobi reels 357 & 444
Post by: Rob Brownfield on May 03, 2017, 08:27:09 AM
My very first "proper" reel was the 444. I was so chuffed I had a reel that came with its own case!! I sold it a number of years ago for a fiver to a chap just starting out.

I have the full set of Ryobi Magnesium reels and a few spare spools, all bought from Richard Walkers in King Street.

I have the 355, the 357 and the 455 which was the 4" salmon reel.

Only issue I ever had was the steel pin that holds the check pawl in place worked loose on one of them, otherwise, bomb proof, simple reels that were incredibly light.

As Hamish says, the 444 was a cast aluminium reel with a single check pawl, the MG reels (Magnesium) were half the weight and came with two check pawls, meaning you could convert from left to right wind easily. Adjustment is via a small knob near the reel foot. Quite narrow spools compared to modern reels.