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Title: Lochter Report - Wrap Up and Catch
Post by: Howard & Stuart on February 06, 2017, 15:23:50 PM
The angling magazines are full of adverts for jackets and trousers which are breathable, water proof, insulated, light weight etc. etc. Certainly things have come on from the days of oilskins and hood bulls eye rubber boots.
Over the last few days anglers at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum have been grateful for their modern outerwear as the weather has switched from cold to wind and rain. At the start of the week when the weather was at its kindest, there were some excellent bags. Peter Young had seventeen using a mix of Cats & Buzzers and Graham Duthie also had seventeen using Black Mini Lures. The dynamic duo of Bill Gibb and Neil Summers were on top form landing thirty-eight between them using a variety of Mini Lures and Nymphs. Jim Brown out for a jaunt from Aberdeen enjoyed his trip as fifteen trout were tempted by his choice of Lures and Damsels. At the time of writing the frost has returned with a vengeance and the forecast is for cold South Easterly winds to add a chill factor to the equation. This will certainly test the insulation quality of these modern outfits.

HH 6/2/17