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Title: Haddo Trout Fishery up to 19 July
Post by: Clint Parsons on July 20, 2015, 11:30:50 AM
Open Friday (bookings only), Saturday and Sunday up to 4hours fishing 15, up to 6 hours 17 and full day 19
Call / text 07799607600 or email ,                                 
Evening fishing available during the week (on request)

Strong winds gusting across a normally sheltered lake made conditions tough this week , Trout mainly sticking with Buzzers and damsels as the fly of choice although some seemed to like Lures in the evening. Unfortunately the Catch Record was damaged due to my misplaced coffee cup so I cant make out the name but catches of 2/3/4 seem to still be making it tough for anglers. Good to see a few Beginners taking up the rod and line and hope to see them back.

Winner of this weeks Friday evening Competition was B .Liebenberg   
Friday evening competition, only 10 to fish the evening from 6pm to 9 and winner that evening gets a selection of flies.