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Title: Haddo Trout Fishery up to 6 July 2015
Post by: Clint Parsons on July 07, 2015, 13:18:09 PM
Open Friday (bookings only), Saturday and Sunday up to 4hours fishing 15, up to 6 hours 17 and full day 19
Call / text 07799607600 or email ,                                 
Evening fishing available during the week (on request)

There certainly seems to be a constant at the moment and that is constant change in the weather. Sunny spells to rival some holiday destinations cant be doing good in settling the fish. after stocking early in the week to wake up the residents it was unfortunate the next day was scorching , driving the fish deeper and into shelter.

Towards the end of the week there was a bit more movement. Saturday we had a group out and D. Milne managed to land her first Rainbow and fish were seen rising in the early evening , I'm hoping with the work being done this week in the lake it will only get better and better. Other catches were noted but unfortunately not recorded in the book mostly 2's and 3's but still an improvement on previous week. Flies that produced were stalker bug, frits and black buzzers

This week sees the start of the Friday evening competition, only 10 to fish the evening from 6pm to 9 and winner that evening gets a selection of flies.