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Title: Lochter Fishery Report - Frost Sparkles at Lochter
Post by: Howard & Stuart on February 24, 2015, 09:47:47 AM

In days gone by, names and trades were often associated and indeed individuals and families were often better known not by their real names but by the name of the trade that they followed. Familiar examples of these include Miller, Baker, Shepherd, Mason, Tanner, Fletcher and appropriately Fisher.

During the past week the weather turned from being fairly mild to becoming bitterly cold with showers of snow and a frost at night.

It seems appropriate there fore that the name Frost featured prominently in the catch record at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum. Not only did the name appear in the "weather conditions" column but it also starred in the "angler" column as Mike Frost netted no fewer than twenty well conditioned trout and Steve Frost chipped in with an additional seven.

That rather frosty looking fly, the white fritz was the one that took the fish's fancy. Bill Bain also had a fine day with thirteen to his name, all on lures and Jim Brown went one better with fourteen an a hothead damsel. Lures were not the only effective fly as Ron Mead demonstrated, catching and releasing eight using very small nymphs. Most anglers preferred the bigger flies and with the weather set to stay cold this is likely to remain the case.

HH       23/02/15