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Title: The biggies make their appearance at the Glen and bumper days at Millbuies.
Post by: Kevin Moss on 24/03/2014 at 09:45
Glen of Rothes trout fishery

Varied weather conditions made for change of tactics throughout the week,but overall it fished very well with some great results.Intermediate lines at times brought fish to the net and then as it warmed onto the floater became the tactics.There were plenty of good fish recorded and some surprises for anglers in the form of Char.Barry Ward had a great day with a double at 10lbs 4ozs,a 5lber and a Char of 4lb 8ozs which he returned after weighing,Chris Johnston also landed a char of just over the 2lbs,these have not been stocked for over 6 years and have grown on well,David Grieve had a beauty of an overwintered fish at 7lbs 5ozs and the tail was like a shovel,KevMiddlemiss had 8 blues among his 11 fish,Gavin Addison had blues in his 12 fish on woolie worms,Tom Anderson had 16 fish best at 5lbs,Gordon Grant had 11,Paul Bridgeford had 16,Rob Harding 12,but the best of the week fell to Derek Williamson who won the troutmaster fish off with 2 fish weighing in at 18lbs 1 ozs with his best a slab of 14lbs 10ozs.Good averages this week of 4 fish per session and fish were mostly averaging 3lbs in recorded weigh ins.Best flies were cats whisker,Budgies,yellow dancers,white and lime woolie worms.With the bigger fish moving now you just never know what you can hook into so tackle up accordingly.Congratulations to Murray Stewart who won the Junior Troutmasters.

Coarse Loch

With it turning colder,not much angling was done this week ,those who did fish had mostly roach with skimmers and the occasional carp.
Millbuies trout fishery (Boat Only)

Fishing has been very good as fish turn onto feeding having overwintered and Jimmy Rhind reeped the rewards with 34 fish in his session.He had a 2lb 7ozs Brownie which once it fattens will be a close 4lbs later on,The fish are fighting like steam trains and tails are huge and without doubt some good days will be had this year here.Best flies have been orange head damsels and wet flies and cats whiskers are always worth a try here.Intermediate and floaters are all you will need and with the water gin clear its easy to see following fish.As better weather comes in a days fishing here is a pleasure with great fishing a bonus.
All pictures on our facebook and website pages of fish mentioned in report.