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Title: Glen Tanar 02/06/12
Post by: adambrain on June 03, 2012, 12:52:24 PM
This is just an update after my enquiries from the week.

Well arrived saturday for the evening session weather was good and the water was superb a bit of weed but nothing to worry about. Mostly a flat calm with the odd ruffle with a light breeze.
Lots of fish rising, full back and tail out of the water so decided to use dries. Big flies were just being drowned went to size 16 black midge type fly with a small fork tail seem to do the trick as they were taking it confidently. However all fish were hooked in the shallows in front of the boathouse and the powerfull runs in the shallows proved hard work for my 4 weight a 3lb tippets and a few fish were lost to hook pulls  but no breaks, really strong fish !! They also took emerger style flies and had one rainbow on a big bushy damsel when I got bored.

All in all a great evening with a mixed bag of browns (biggest 1.5 lb) and bows ( up to 3 ).
No pictures in afraid phone died.

Cheers Adam