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Title: Haddo Trout Fishery ( to March 19th )
Post by: Mike Barrio on March 19, 2007, 21:54:55 PM
Hi folks ........ oh well  :z8

We were just starting to enjoy the first signs of spring and some promising insect hatches when ......... SLAP  :shock: back to the realities of March and we are hit with cold strong winds, rain, hail and snow.

The fish have been reasonably high in the water for the time of year, but as soon as the wind gets up they sulk and go deeper, when Yellow Dancers, weighted Damsels, Black Fritz, Montana, Bunny Leech and Cat's Whiskers have proved productive.

James Mackay from Macduff fished the loch for the first time this week and tempted 10 fish up to approx 6 lb for his session, Kipps Kerr also enjoyed good sport with 14 fish up to 5 lb, Jim Doyle netted 10 fish up to 6 lb ( and lost a cracker  :cry: ) Colin Mackay had 12 fish up to 4 lb, Neil Garden 10 up to 7 lb, Mason Garden 12 up to 4 lb, Ronald Mackay 13 fish up to 7 lb 8 oz and Henry Lockhart caught 10 fish up to 5 lb.

Oliver Chew tried fly fishing for the first time and did well to net 3 fish of approx 2 lb ........ Great stuff  :cool:

There are no major bookings for the weekend, so boat availability is currently good.

(below) Float tubes and boats enjoying a calm spell


(below) Henry Lockhart


(below) Jim Doyle



Best wishes
Mike Barrio