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"Skidd" Bamboo

By: Mike Barrio
First trophy brown 2013

By: Allan Liddle
Ecdyonurus venosus (False March brown)

By: Guest
Serbia 2013

By: Mike Barrio

By: Guest
Haddo Bamboo

By: Mike Barrio

By: Magnus Angus

By: Mike Barrio
Autumn in Germany

By: Mike Barrio
Leader sizes

By: Euan Innes
nice rainbow at haddo

By: Clint Parsons
Plus 1

By: Liam Stephen
The French Nymph

By: Liam Stephen
Gran Canaria 3

By: Paul Rankine
Salty II

By: Hamish Young

By: Sandy Nelson

By: Scott Cumming
Nice trout from Sandy

By: Mike Barrio

By: James Laraway
Green stick

By: Euan Innes
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