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Fishing The Fly In Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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 on: Today at 14:23:10 
Started by sstew54 - Last post by Mike Barrio
Hi Shane
Welcome to the forum thumbs up

Plenty of time between now and then to get some replies about what gear might be useful. An initial look at the Fishdon website should help with an idea of pricing http://www.fishpal.com/Scotland/Don/?dom=Don and you'll hopefully find some useful information on our site too http://fishingthefly.co.uk/river-don.html

Best wishes

 on: Today at 08:57:24 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Mike Barrio

 on: Today at 08:32:38 
Started by edfish - Last post by Marc Fauvet
 thumbs up

 on: Today at 07:32:56 
Started by sstew54 - Last post by sstew54
Greetings to all of you fellow fly fishers in Scotland, the land of my ancestors.
I hope to come over the Atlantic next spring for a vacation with my wife and was hoping to fish on the River Don for brown trout or possibly bring my Spey rod along and salmon while in your country.
I would like to know what to expect as far the costs to fish etc.
I would also like to know what type of gear to bring and what method of fly fishing you would suggest.
Any information and help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,
Shane Stewart
Hillsboro, Oregon USA

 on: Yesterday at 17:07:10 
Started by edfish - Last post by Hamish
Nice  thumbs up

 on: Yesterday at 10:57:46 
Started by edfish - Last post by Mike Barrio
Great stuff Eddie thumbs up

 on: Yesterday at 10:40:15 
Started by edfish - Last post by edfish

I know that the troot fishing is over for you people lucky enough to still live where the troot are but down here in the desert we have to find alternative fly fishing adventures. Have a look at a wee video of fly fishing for Dorado from last week. I am taking no responsibility for the editing and production of this it was my mate from St Cyrus who shall remain nameless as he is also on the forum but was in Dubai with his family on holiday staying with us. Hope this cheers you up now that the season is over.

Eddie cheers cheers

 on: Yesterday at 09:45:19 
Started by morayflyfisher - Last post by morayflyfisher
The Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Steady fishing for the most part of the week was had by anglers with some finding it harder than others at times as conditions were varied down to the unseasonal temperatures.Many reported tentative nipping takes and buzzers started to take fish which at this timeof year always do well.Black fritz was good as it was last week and the budgie started to take a few more fish also.Best lines were floaters and again midge tips with fish not too far down with the mild weather.Some fish were even tempted on the top at times but this was only for a short time during the days.Blues still came to the net,with the best of the week to Graeme Gibson weighing in at a good 7lbs 7ozs,David Morrison had a Blue of 5lbs 10ozs,Scott Burness had a 4lb 10oz,Seamus Maguire a 5lb 15oz,Jamie Arthur had a blue of 7lbs,Richard Ovington a 4lb 8oz among his 14 fish on buzzers,Chris Johnston had a cash windfall with a tagged fish and also had a fish of 4lb 13oz,Charles Scott landed a 6lb 1ozs fish  and there was also some nice Browns returned during the week.There will be a meeting for all Club members this weekend Sunday 26th Oct and before the club competition at the Glen.
The winter league is taking shape and there has been plenty of good weights recorded by anglers and its looking like it will be a great competition where anyone can win it with still plenty to play for in the coming months.

Coarse loch

A quiet week with only a couple venturing out due to the weather but they had decent catches,mainly Bream and Roach with Callum Witcowski managing a Carp also.

Millbuies Trout Fishery

 Work is continuing on the lochs but is almost at an end for the winter, free tea & coffee is avaliable at the boat lodge , there is a donation box which is collected everyday.
This week saw 6 anglers out on the boats with a total of 31 fish to the boats with the best at 5lb.6oz, best bag went to Steven McConachie with 7 fish . Husband and wife team was won by the wife PAULA ROBERTS ( see they do catch more fish than men) she landed a stunning 3 lb rainbow
Best flies of the week are black zonkers pulled slow cats whisker stripped fast vivas and dunkeld pulled slow but all the fish are deep so a slow sink or sink tip are best lines to use.The fishery will be remaining open through the winter months but will be dependant on weather and all updates will be placed daily on facebook and website.

You can always expect to see the wildlife at Millbuies and the Glen all year round.

 on: Yesterday at 08:39:28 
Started by Hamish - Last post by Hamish
Cracking post H

Thanks Allan  Cool dude

 on: Yesterday at 08:21:52 
Started by Nunya - Last post by Marc Fauvet
glad to help. hope your trip goes super-well !  thumbs up

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