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The English language is rich in words to describe the weather and Doric has an additional selection.

During the past week many of the choicest have been heard echoing round the banks of Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum.

As anglers struggled to cope with the conditions which nice people would describe as ‘unseasonably cold’.

In spite of the weather the trout did not seem to mind and were quite obliging.

Some appear to have noted Rangers F.C. return to the Premier League and used the Ally McCoist with a fair amount of success.

A Herba was top scorer with twenty to his name.

Also well up the scoring table was Daz Cooper with ten on a cats whisker/ diawl bach combination.

Dougie Mair fifteen on a semtex and Bill Ferries twelve on the same fly.

The smaller flies did also have their moments with Tom Murray and Ian Hutchison nine and eleven respectively on black buzzers.

We are now into May so hopefully things will warm up and there will be more fly hatches and more surface action to excite anglers.
Tackle Talk / Re: Mackenzie fx1 15'er
« Last post by wellhooked on Yesterday at 23:31:39 »
Thanks Will.
Tackle Talk / Re: Mackenzie fx1 15'er
« Last post by Will on Yesterday at 22:28:56 »

I think it was one of Scott's shooting heads. It went like a bomb.


Tackle Talk / Re: Mackenzie fx1 15'er
« Last post by wellhooked on Yesterday at 21:12:26 »
I would agree 100% with you Will about the try before you buy side of things.  The only way to be sure.

The problem I have is that I live out in the sticks and theres nowhere available to try a demo rod, so the next best thing is to get a consensus of opinions and go from there  :cool:

I might have a slim chance of trying one in the not too distant future, but I would still be very grateful to hear as many opinions as possible :z18

Thanks for your experiences with it.  By the way, what line was on the demo rod you tried ?
Tackle Talk / Re: Mackenzie fx1 15'er
« Last post by Will on Yesterday at 20:44:34 »
I had a quick chuck with  (I think) the 14ft one at the GAC open day.

Really light.

Very very responsive. Fastest recovery I've ever seen.

If you're in the price bracket then you should definitely try one with your line of choice.

As with every other rod on the market, I'd ignore all opinions (including this one!) and just get your hands on one to try before you  buy.



Tackle Talk / Mackenzie fx1 15'er
« Last post by wellhooked on Yesterday at 17:41:56 »
Anyone had a chuck with the Mackenzie fx1 15'er yet ?

Interested in hearing any opinions you may have :wink
Fishery Reports / Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery report w/e 30/4/16
« Last post by The Aul Troot on Yesterday at 13:42:30 »
The past week has seen little improvement in weather conditions with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday being almost unfishable due to high winds and the accompanying low temperatures. From Thursday the conditions improved and some good fishing was enjoyed with a mixture of lures and buzzers being most successful although several fish succumbed to a dry fly presentation. Temperatures are indicated to improve in the coming week and hopefully the arrival of May will herald settled, seasonable conditions. Accordingly the fishery has extended closing time til 9pm for May provided light and conditions permit. The best recorded catches this week fell to; A Murray, Gardenstown, 25 fish over several visits, (black fritz, white fritz), P Cowie, Fraserburgh, 14 fish, (dry fly, buzzers, WSW), G Chiperton, 13 fish, (black WSW), R Hambly, Inverurie, 10 fish, (Black WSW), B Wiseman, Fraserburgh, 11 fish, (buzzers, black fritz), B Cresswell, Macduff, 10 fish, (nomad), I Burnett, Fraserburgh, 7 fish, (cat's whisker, yellow dancer), N Thomson, Turriff, 7 fish, (buzzers), K Fraser, Greeness, 7 fish, (black buzzers), A Cresswell, Macduff, 6 fish, (black buzzers).
R Hambly and B Cresswell included fish of 8lb in their total bag. Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is open seven days fro 8am til 9pm and booking is not necessary. Boats (where required) rods and tackle is available for hire at the fishery. For up to date information and conditions phone Bob on 07980 999 006. :z15
Main Discussion Board / Re: Fishing Wagon
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Yesterday at 10:05:42 »
Sorted :z16

Main Discussion Board / Re: Today's Fishing The Fly Photo
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Yesterday at 09:07:46 »
Glyn Phillips took one of our prototype fly lines on a trip to the Himalayas ........ looks like he put it to good use :cool:

Barrio Fly Lines / T-shirts n stuff
« Last post by Mike Barrio on April 30, 2016, 11:16:53 AM »
I still have a few T-shirt, cap and hoodie designs on the Spreadshirt website, which can be ordered directly :cool:

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