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Fishing The Fly In Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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Main Discussion Board / Re: Today's Fishing The Fly Photo
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Today at 00:03:49 »
"Goolager" Iain with a nice Haddo Rainbow :cool:

Out today 27th and caught 5. Using pink, white and black snakes fished deep. Also another on a marabou bloodworm.
Had plenty nibbles on the pink snake but no takes before realising that the hook had snapped
Barrio Fly Lines / Re: Line for Madeira mountain streams
« Last post by Spiderman on Yesterday at 18:53:46 »
Fantastic looking water :z16

makes me want to keep a 376 blank for myself and go and find something similar :z12


The River Don / Re: Migratory browns....
« Last post by Spiderman on Yesterday at 18:50:05 »
I too finally got to read the piece today :z18

Great information, backing up a lot of what i've believed for a long time,
very surprised with the timing as well, but just goes to show what actual evidence and not just anecdotes can provide.

I've always thought that good fish are found in good holding spots and it is not necessarily the same fish each time you try for it, this goes some way to support that idea :z18

Makes you think about wading at the end of the season though, if the trout have spawned then i'd be mortified to think i was disturbing their redds. One to bear in mind from now on :z16

Main Discussion Board / BBC 4 9pm Fishing Program
« Last post by Cosun on Yesterday at 18:26:41 »
BBC 4 9pm   Sky 116
The art if fly fishing: Kiss the water
and not a hint of Ewan Mcgregor  :z8
Main Discussion Board / Re: Glossary of Fishing Terms (fun edition)
« Last post by Easgach 1 on Yesterday at 16:43:14 »
black bottle ;something ye bring to annoy the whisky aficionados.
hill lochs; some where to go to avoid those annoying float tubers
wet fly; the style of trout fishing that gets up the nose of the dry flee users,
intermediate lines; something to use instead of those wimpy floaters
size  8 and 10; flees for real troot fishers, none of those tiddly 16,s 18,s ,and 20,s
2 wt; a real hill loch rod, especially for that true bandy lochan that you keep secret,
 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4 :z4
easgach 1
The River Don / Re: Migratory browns....
« Last post by Cosun on Yesterday at 08:10:17 »
When you say upper and lower parts of the river how far would the fish be moving in terms of miles
The River Don / Re: Migratory browns....
« Last post by Rob on Yesterday at 07:25:09 »
I guess you would need tens of receivers to track fish movements that way. Or a very determined person with polaroids.

A hand held receiver can be employed as used on the Don. If I remember it has a range of about 100m and it is a case of starting below the last known location and walking until you locate the fish. I thinks a few long walks might be required with some fish :)
Main Discussion Board / Re: What happens if the salmon run out?
« Last post by Rob on Yesterday at 07:18:52 »
We also thanks to global warming have huge schools of dolphins who have very quickly learned that food is plentiful on salon river estuary's.

You certainly see Dolphins/Porpoises at the mouth of the Dee throwing salmon around as if playing with them. Some of the fish are well over 20 pounds in weight, being thrown from one dolphin to the next.
Main Discussion Board / Kiss the Water
« Last post by Taffy1 on Yesterday at 01:19:44 »
For anyone that's interested, at 9pm this evening, (Tuesday, 27th.) BBC4 are showing a re-run of the programme about Miss Megan Boyd.... :z18
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