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Fishing The Fly In Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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 on: Today at 13:07:07 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Mike Barrio
All five fly boxes have now been won folks cool dude

Best wishes

 on: Today at 13:04:36 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Mike Barrio
Well done "Taffy1" thumbs up

Please let me have your address via a reply to the PM and I'll pop your fly box in the post.

Best wishes

 on: Today at 12:58:43 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Taffy1
oooof! Mindbending 

 on: Today at 08:50:30 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Mike Barrio
Well done Iain thumbs up

I'll pop your fly box in the post today.

Best wishes


Still one more fly box to win folks!

 on: Today at 08:18:48 
Started by morayflyfisher - Last post by morayflyfisher
Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

A very good weeks fishing had anglers rods bending with plenty of fish and all were good fish.Average sizes were quite good and there was plenty of larger fish among them weighed in and Blues featured wellamong them.With temperatures varying during the week fish had settled and began to take off the top and sport was great with CDC,daddies,wets worked like kate Mclarens,invictas and other days lures like cats whisker,vivas and yellow dancers were the patterns.Some examples of catches this week were,Gearge Stewart snr had a 4lb 8oz fish and a 4lb Blue,Kieth Gosmon had a 5lb er,Alec Forrester had a 4lb 2ozs fish,AndrewMore a5lb3oz,Graeme Gibson a 4lb 7oz,Archie Blair a 5lb 8oz,Kenny McKinstry a 5lb 13oz,Billy Perkins a4lb 14oz,Jackie Watt a 5lber,Andrew Clark a 6lb 5oz,Geoff Finnes a 4lb 11oz,Phil Moss a 5lb er,Willie Petrie a 4lb 8oz,Bert Laurie a 4lb 5oz,Bob Mann a 5lb 13oz,Neil Smith a 4lb 11oz,Ian sweeney a 5lb 4oz,Ian Bancroft a 4lb 9oz and Mary Hemsworth had a 4lb 14ozs fish.
The club held their monthly competition which was won by Charlie McPhee with 2 fish for 9lb 9oz,2nd was Jimmy Rhind with 7lb 11ozs,3rd was Neil Smith with 7lb 7oz,Next competition is a tie 5 flies and then fish with them.League table is on view at the fishery for members and is anyones with still plenty of time to go for this years overall champion.The winter singles which begins in Oct and is open to anyone and names can be placed at the fishery if interested.

Coarse Loch
A slower week on the lochbut not as far as fish caught,those who did fish had plenty of fish,Bream,roach and ide made up most of the bags with occasional carp.Again meat and sweetcorn worked best on pole.

Millbuies trout fishery

We welcomed Tom Carrol this week to the team who will be full time at Millbuies where keys can now be collected direct at the fishery.Bookings will still be taken through the Glen and then keys collected and returned from now at Millbuies itself,unless holidays are involved.Tom runs a charity called "Fishing with Tom" and has won numerous awards for his charity which helps groups of children get into fishing and enjoy the outdoors.Anyone interested in this can contact the fishery for more details.The last week fishing on the lochs have been excellent with plenty of fish rising to the fly .some results from this week were,Kieron Ritchie had 19,G Paton had 11,S Bette 4,B Stanley 2,B Mosstoloch 10,Dave Fordyce 7 and T Walls 7.When anglers are fishing the lochs, its important to avoid the orange bouy in the bottom loch and not to tie boats up on this.   

 on: Today at 08:04:07 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Rob
I don't know the names but we saw some cracking new ones up on the upper Dee yesterday. Someone has been busy building thats for sure.

 on: Yesterday at 22:28:45 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Mike Barrio
Well done Peter "rabbitangler" thumbs up

I'll pop your fly box in the post tomorrow.

Best wishes


Still two more fly boxes to win folks!

 on: Yesterday at 20:29:13 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by PeterH
My main reason of fishing is being in the moment… No other activities give me the sense of being totally there where I am at the moment. When I wake up, I'm already thinking about the coffee, when I drink my coffee, I'm already elsewhere - shit, it's too late, I should be at work….when I am on a meeting I think about other things I must do…but when I'm on the water, I am the water, the fish, and everything around.

..and the tug on the line

 on: Yesterday at 13:55:53 
Started by The Aul Troot - Last post by The Aul Troot
The rain has persisted during the past week ensuring a steady supply of fresh water with accompanying nutrients encouraging the fish to feed but making conditions uncomfortable for the anglers. Matching the end tackle with the water borne feed proved difficult especially on dry fly activities but a successful match led to good results. The takers were very often immediately sub surface with spiders and gnats proving worthwhile. Lures sometimes responded better when fished quickly at mod range along with damsels and wet flies.
Amongst the better catches this week was a bag of 27 for anglers from Motherwell who enjoyed success with Black Hoppers, Kate McLaren and various damsels.
The best individual catches this week were recorded by; P Keir, Fyvie, 32 fish, (Black, Olive Fritz), A Murray, Gardenstown, 32 fish, (Black, Green Fritz and White, Red Fritz), A Milne, Macduff, 10 fish, (Black Gnat and various dry flies), J Watt, Rosehearty, 8 fish, (Black Hopper, Kate McLaren), S Edwards, Turriff, 8 fish, (Various Dries), K Armstrong, Fraserburgh, 8 fish, (Dry fly), C Collie, Ellon, 8 fish, (Grey Duster, Olive), S Rankin, Peterhead, 7 fish, (Buzzers), W Perkins, Rosehearty, 7 fish, (Damsel Nymphs).
The forecast for the coming week suggest a rise in temperature and less rainfall with lighter winds and will hopefully lead to a good week's fishing.
Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutmaster water and is open seven days from 8am til 8pm. Visitors and novices are always welcome and booking is not necessary. Boats (where required), rods and tackle are available for hire from the fishery.
Further information can be had by phoning Bob on 07980 999 006. Nice fish

 on: Yesterday at 13:26:26 
Started by Mike Barrio - Last post by Marc Fauvet
woW ! i had some doubts. geez, me haid's still boiling. i'll be taking a celebratory nap...  lots of laughs lots of laughs lots of laughs

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