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The River Don / Re: River Don 2015
« Last post by Cosun on Today at 22:01:20 »
You've had a cracking day mate well done
Main Discussion Board / Re: Tight lines
« Last post by TheYoungGun on Today at 21:29:37 »
Alan only just spotted this the now. I'm going to give the competitive fishing a miss this year. I want to try and get a couple of methods down and just enjoy my fishing. Maybe next year  :z16

Hope it goes well for you this year. I'm sure I'll see you at some point this season.


The River Don / Re: River Don 2015
« Last post by An Chuileog on Today at 21:01:38 »
Good man Liam  :z16 a fine report and a cracking trout. Hopefully the first of many we see on this thread this year.
Flying back to the UK on Friday evening so hopefully get some sport at the wend.
The River Don / Re: River Don 2015
« Last post by TheYoungGun on Today at 20:47:28 »
As promised.  :z16

I started my day with the SSS. Six weight, sink tip and streamer.

After a couple of hours and only a rattle I switched to the floating line and waited for the hatch. At 11.30 the flies started to emerge and the trout began to rise. I had a couple of nice trout and a handful of Sea Trout kelts which were good fun and put a nice bend in the rod.

The hatch lasted pretty much all afternoon even in the crap conditions. I saw a nice fish rise in the tail of a productive pool and got into position. After a few failed attempts my fly went where I wanted and up he came!

This fish was hooked at 3.25pm and there was still plenty of flies drifting down. Not my usual gear but I was pretty happy with the way the 6wt performed.

All in all a good first day of the trout season!  :z16

The River Don / Re: River Don 2015
« Last post by TheYoungGun on Today at 17:40:02 »
I was daft enough!!

I'm glad I did though..... Pics to follow.  :z16

The River Don / Re: River Don 2015
« Last post by Spiderman on Today at 17:23:53 »
So was anyone daft enough to be out today and if so how daft were the trout :z18

being stuck at work on the first day of the season wasn't as bad as i thought it might be, watching the rain/snow/hail crossing the runway horizontally :z7

Mind you i remember one 1st of April that was particularly excellant for fish in the middle of a rain/snow/hail/windy........:X2

Main Discussion Board / Re: One ugly Brownie!
« Last post by Hamish on Today at 07:44:14 »
By far and away the biggest brownie I've seen with that deformity. Presumably its great, great, great grandparents ate Chernobyl ants....
Main Discussion Board / One ugly Brownie!
« Last post by Rob on Today at 07:41:11 »
Spotted this on FaceAche...some fish, amazed it managed to get so big with such a deformity. Caught in Iceland.

The Outcasts / A video short about Speyorama in the 'States
« Last post by Hamish on Yesterday at 18:42:57 »

One day I'll just have to go :!

Main Discussion Board / Re: Today's Fishing The Fly Photo
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Yesterday at 16:11:50 »
Great wee video :z16

Hebridean dreams from Mo Thomson.

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