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Barrio Fly Lines / Re: Barrio GT90 Fly Line ... New for 2011
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Today at 14:32:45 »
Thanks Allan ....... I'm really pleased that you like it :z12
Barrio Fly Lines / Re: Barrio GT90 Fly Line ... New for 2011
« Last post by Allan L on Today at 13:50:06 »
Been out and about with my new GT90 over the past couple of weekends since it arrived in the post (thanks again Mr B, excellent service).
Line performance is fantastic and already the first trophy landed with it (3lb 1.5oz Sea Troot off Deveron).

More fish on Saturday on running water before performing very well on Sunday at a local still water (kids instruction day Kellas Trout Fishery).

Great line, works perfectly with the #5 Marriott 10' #5 rod and coped well with a strong gusty head wind, roll casts great, overhead and / or tight side casts, mends and slack line (fishing dries) fantastic.  Not too shabby for distance either.

Well done once again Mike  :z16
Fly Tying / Re: Some Loch Flees
« Last post by Allan L on Today at 13:43:18 »
Thanks Euan

Was out at Kellas Trout Fishery yesterday helping instruct the River Spey Anglers Association juniors and stuck with the dries (Bibio Emerger, Claret or Black Half Hogs).  Deadly, plenty fish showing interest and a cracking wee day to be out.  Kids all had a brilliant time, caught loads (including a 5 1/2 pound brown that's obviously been in there for a long time).

2nd wee outing helping out / instructing kids in the week as was invited to help with Kyle of Sutherland project last Monday at Tarvie Fishery.  Again kids all loved it and had a fantastic day learning to fish fly, spin / bait and electro fish / kick sampling.  Again with the flies I had them all fishing dries and the fish responded kindly.

Great to see kids out and with some luck some might even stick with it?  :z8

Weather's warming nicely so time to begin to look at the high lochs as a break from rivers, dries will feature and if I do half as well as I did last year for trophy wild trout from remote locations i'll be a happy guy.  Best loch trout last season touched in at just under 5lb on a Claret Half Hog (mid afternoon August, sedge hatch).  :z16  That said great fun amongst the standard half pounders on light tackle fast furious and brilliant fun.  :z16 :z16
FANTASTIC job Liam!!!
Fishery Reports / Lochter Report - Anglers Spring into Summer
« Last post by Banksider on Today at 11:12:01 »
Most gardeners are waiting for the first week in June before they plant out their Summer flowering annuals.

For anglers at Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum, Summer is already here and away go many of the sinking lines and big lures and on go the floating lines dries, nymphs and buzzers.

Tom Weir put on a cast of buzzers and crunchers and ended with ten nice fish.

A mix of buzzers and dries was the choice of Andrew Barrowman and twenty trout were tempted. Alan Noble used black and green buzzers to land ten and team McPherson, Michael & Andrew netted thirty nine between them.

Kevin Reid from Newmachar had a great day with eleven on klinkhammer dries and snatchers. Bill Gerrie grassed eight using the new muskin crunchers and many anglers had bags of six plus using small natural flies.

At the time of writing the sun has been obscured by that plague of the North East, coastal haar.

The outlook however is for things to turn bright and breezy.

HH 30/5/16
Main Discussion Board / Re: When 4X4s were 4X4s
« Last post by Rob on Today at 09:54:43 »
I love my Alfa :z13

We loved ours too....but since it was pretty much rebuilt several times in the 3 years we had it, it was like driving a new car every month lol.

That also acted as a load lugger, tip tripper, family ferrier and winter wonder! Was very very impressed with it and would have another (dealership was very good...except when they dropped the new gearbox and cracked the housing lol).
Main Discussion Board / Re: Today's Fishing The Fly Photo
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Yesterday at 23:37:32 »
Nice one Sandy :cool:

Fishery Reports / Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery report w/e 28/5/16
« Last post by The Aul Troot on Yesterday at 16:34:50 »
The first half of the past week has seen the continuation of the weather patterns of the past few weeks with a northerly / north easterly breeze accompanied by lower than average temperatures, thereafter the air temperatures rose culminating in a warm 19 degrees on Saturday with accompanying bright sunshine. Altogether the conditions continued to unsettle the fish and anglers were successful when they were prepared to alter depth and retrieve using tackle from dry flies to blobs. The most successful anglers for the week were; A Murray, Gardenstown, 35 fish over several visits, (white nomad, budgie), P Cowie, Fraserburgh, 15 fish, (bloodworm, spider), S Simpson, Turriff, 12 fish, (nymphs), B Cresswell, Macduff, 9 fish, (black buzzer), S Rankin, Peterhead, 7 fish, (Olive damsel), M Smith, Huntly, 7 fish, (bloodworm), N Thomson, Turriff, 7 fish, (pink, black buzzer), J West, Fraserburgh, 7 fish, (pink blob), J Allison, Huntly, 6 fish, (dry fly, pink lure), N Paterson, Turriff, 6 fish, (bloodworm, buzzer).

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is open seven days from 8am til 9pm with closing times being extended as light and conditions permit. Booking is not necessary and visitors are welcome with boats (where required) rods and tackle available for hire at the fishery. For up to date information and conditions phone Bob on 07980 999 006. :z15
Main Discussion Board / Re: Today's Fishing The Fly Photo
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Yesterday at 08:31:45 »
Nice one of Fionn Loch by 'AssyntFly' Stewart  :cool:

For Sale / Wanted / Sage MOD 9ft 5wt custom
« Last post by Sandy Nelson on May 28, 2016, 18:00:25 PM »
With a degree of regret i am selling my Sage MOD 9ft 5wt rod that i built during the winter.
However i am in need of the funds to put towards a new and exciting project and i have other 5wt's.

So for sale is a Sage MOD 9ft 5wt that i have built from a blank. the rod will come with a Tweed rod bag and Black Alloy tube. She was built with Black Light wire snakes and a Black minima butt ring to enhance the ability to shoot the line, i whipped her in a jade green which is transparent with dark green tippings as you can see in the photo.

The Reel seat is a Black Lemke LC7U with a custom Buckeye Burl insert and it has a flor grade, Snub nosed style grip that is very comfortable.

I think this is the finest Dryfly rod i have cast and i have been using it regularly. I have had several trophy trout on her this season and she copes extremely well with presenting small flies on light tippets and playing big fish quickly and safely. Its a very smooth rod and for Fishing distances up to 60ft (which would be a huge cast for single dryfly) it is a fabulous fishing rod. I love using it but would rather someone else got the benefit of the significant saving over a factory rod and took her out to use.

Because i have used this rod a few times i would like 425 including UK delivery. The cork will be restored to as new condition and i will provide a certificate for the warranty on the blank. That means the sections of the blank are covered by the Sage warranty and i would be willing to re-build any section for the cost of the components and shipping.

Please PM me for details.

Thanks for Looking :z18

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