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Main Discussion Board / Re: Kintore Anglers
« Last post by allabootthetroot on Today at 19:09:44 »
I can't manage that due to work. I would however like to get in touch with the folks who are organising it to let them know I will join.
Main Discussion Board / Re: Kintore Anglers
« Last post by The Shadow on Today at 16:54:40 »
Thats excellent news, its important for all in the local angling community to be given the opportunity to pull together with the best interests of the local water at heart.

Best of luck to all those involved with the Kintore fishings

Main Discussion Board / Kintore Anglers
« Last post by Mike Barrio on Today at 16:38:01 »
I see in the local newspaper that:

A meeting will be held at Leys Hotel in Blackburn on Monday November 30th at 7pm in hope of getting people involved in the Kintore Angling Club and to help save the area's fishing.
Main Discussion Board / Cayo coco fishing november 2015
« Last post by benisa on Today at 09:06:52 »
Looking for any member
fishing  cayo coco Cuba in November 2015 :cool:
For Sale / Wanted / Hardy SwiftFly Rod 9ft 6 7# Wt - 3 piece
« Last post by bigtroot on Yesterday at 01:02:23 »
Hardy Swift Fly Rod 9ft 6 7# Wt - 3 piece  , hardly been used and looks pretty much as new!
Looking for £190 Posted thanks.

Main Discussion Board / Re: Fishing Wets
« Last post by IainCameron on November 24, 2015, 08:35:51 AM »

Maybe these days someone prospecting upstream and across would use newer styles - klink'n'dink/duo, or fish with emerger patterns that blur the historical line between old skool dry and wet styles?  thus upstream spider technique gets overlooked.

Quote from: Marc Fauvet on 21 November 2015, 12:45:22
for lack of a better term, i'm
surprised there's no mention so far of fishing wets either across or upstream.
down and across of course works and works well but i'm also of Oliver Edwards' opinion that wets and spiders are most efficient across and up whether for fishing likely holding areas or for spotted fish.  :z16

Main Discussion Board / Fishing cayo coco last week november 2015
« Last post by benisa on November 23, 2015, 23:42:49 PM »
any one fishing cayo coco first 2 weeks November 2015
trying to track Stewart from the lake district down :wink
Fishery Reports / Lochter Report - Hard Weather Good for Some!
« Last post by Banksider on November 23, 2015, 16:12:10 PM »
As the recent snow whitened the hills, skiers clapped their hands and waxed their skis in anticipation. Shooters rubbed their hands in glee, secure in knowledge that weather would bring the pheasants into the drives.

For anglers however the snow and ice meant ‘cauld hauns’ ad restricted areas to fish.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum those fishers who were willing to thole the cauld hauns syndrome, and adapted to the conditions, had a great time, with some exceptional bags being achieved.

On two visits, Bill Gibb had bags of fifteen and twenty three using a mix of very slowly moved buzzers and okey dokey’s.

Craig McLean had ten mainly on bloodworms, Albert Trail eleven on buzzers, C.Clark sixteen on okey dokey’s and these new fangled squirmy worms.

Black and green mini lures worked for S. Williams who netted ten. J.S Robertson had eight mainly on a red tail zulu while Dave Robb also had eight score using PTN’s and montanas. The top scorer who turned a very cold Saturday into a brilliant day was Paul Sharp who caught and released twenty eight using a clearly tempting mix of buzzers and bloodworms.

Although the forecast is for things to warm up a little, anglers should be under no illusions that winter is upon us.

The good news is that the fish love the cold, there is less natural food around so they can be tempted and finally there is a constant source of complimentary tea and coffee available in the anglers bothy!
Main Discussion Board / Re: Leaders ... sink or float?
« Last post by Rob on November 23, 2015, 15:00:24 PM »
Now that was a bit below the belt  :z4  :z4  :z4

Nice pic :z16
The photo shows what we see from above the water, but is that what the trout see from below?  :z3

Nope....there are some photos somewhere on the interweb thingy of flies from below taken with a camera with an adapt lense to show what fish see. It is very different to what we see.

Some good if not long reading here:

I found this very interesting.... "Ultraviolet vision is sometimes used during only part of the life cycle of a fish. For example, juvenile brown trout live in shallow water where they use ultraviolet vision to enhance their ability to detect zooplankton. As they get older, they move to deeper waters where there is little ultraviolet light."
Main Discussion Board / Re: Fishing Wets
« Last post by Sye on November 23, 2015, 13:39:46 PM »
I had some decent success early in the season using down and across with wets, snipe and purple was a winner.  As the season progressed, not so much (which reinforced how bad my presentation with dry flies is!)
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