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Sneak Peek :)

A new fly line for the river - Troutstream - to be launched over the next couple of weeks.

I often wonder why we call them Brownies

Celebrating my much loved Barrio fly lines T. This is from August 2013.
The tee is still on the go; bit faded and decrepit; I can relate.

Taken on a Hebridean island loch, with a very distinctive shallow sand flat before it drops off. Bonus points for anyone who can name it!
Euan Innes, Hamish & I fished it once together, and Eddie Sinclair stood me up and didn’t fish with me the day I took this picture. I think he had whisky flu….

Gerald, Dad and Uncle Ray on Loch Morar

Get a drink - this is a long one.

This story starts with a phone call from a family friend named Gerald in early 2023. Gerald has been a good friend to our family and perhaps some of you who read this story will have a friend who is a bit like Gerald; someone you really enjoy catching up with and wish that you did so more often, but somehow seldom do. Gerald fits in this category, I really do enjoy speaking with him and I should have been in more regular contact with him for years.

Anyway, this true story is a bit about memories of days gone by, a bit about friends and family but is mostly about a wooden clinker-built fishing dinghy called Uncle Ray. Incidentally,...

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Fishing The Fly Scotland - If you are a member, then this is your fly fishing forum.

Simply dropping in to read the latest content? - Please take a moment to participate, post and reply!

This is your web space - make the most of it :z16

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The Cruncher - a stillwater fly that can fish well on the river.


An enjoyable wander down the river for a few hours today :)

Nothing was rising, but this went on first for a bit of prospecting anyway - as it was well chewed from last year.

I gradually saw sense in the bright conditions and fished a couple of nymphs - not that they made any difference to the outcome *smiley-grin*


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The Wild Trout Trust Spring Auction is now live - March 15th-24th

There are 300+ items in the catalogue, see

Trout season 2024 - it's getting closer :)

Handy wee emerger and easy to spot especially if you swap out the dun coloured poly yarn post for one of floro orange or pink.

Sprite S2100 barbless Buzzer with Semperfli 8/0 pale olive Classic Waxed thread and light olive Kapoc dubbing thorax.

The Barrio Midge Tip is back ..... hot off the machines in Redditch  )

Love a March Brown and tying these with a single cdc feather makes for a really simple and effective body covering "shuck" especially if you leave a few fibres trailing.

Hare's Ear Spider: a great fly tying step by step recently added by Magnus :)

Fish as an emerger, just under the water surface. Works well early season when March Browns and similar upwing flies are hatching mid-stream.

See the step by step here:


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Paul Procter: A solid early season trout taken at March Brown time ... not long now!

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The March to the River Don on the first Saturday of the Salmon season falls on the 17th this year, meeting up from 8.30am for teas/coffees at St Andrews Church Hall, Inverurie.

The March to the River will commence at 9.30am, with piper Paul Malley leading the procession to the Don Bridge. Glen Garioch Whisky Distillery are sponsoring the event, and the Paton Trophy will be presented to Stuart Mathewson of Alford for the first salmon caught on the river in 2023 .

Speakers will include Inverurie Angling Association President - Steve Corsar, Aberdeenshire Provost - Judy Whyte and Director of Don District Salmon Fishery Board - Lorraine Hawkins.

The March To The River Don also signals light at the end...

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It's the British Fly Fair International (BFFI) near Stafford this weekend. Is anyone going?
I'll be there on my little WAFT stall. Be nice to see you there.
I'll be showing some flies recommended for wafting tied by James and Hamish.


Out for a pre season walk along the river this afternoon, what a cracking day for it  )


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Peeping Caddis using Straggle Legs and uv resin on the case.

Found a nice new silk that gives a proper Nude wrap. Perfect for clear glass blanks.
Quite a few of the raw silks have the tiniest hint of colour when finished. Fine on a coloured Blank but not on a proper clear glass. This one doesn’t *smiley-yippee*

More SLX lines coming off the machines in Redditch today :)

Bringing back the alternative option of the Mushy Pea Olive coloured head.

A step by step guide to fitting braided leader loops to your fly line.

See the forum post here:

G'morning folks :)

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Finally found d the original Furnace Gold article hidden away inside a folder I used to keep cuttings of all the magazine article flies in.

Trouble with memory is, you might think you're 100% correct but sometimes you're not, as is the case here with me and the Furnace Gold.

I'd forgotten that the body wasn't " solid gold" but open turns to give a segment body ( exactly same as a Pennell but with Gold, not silver.

So here it is, the original Furnace Gold, just have to go away and redo all those variations now 😃


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Barrio fly lines R&D back in the early days!

Measure, weigh, cut, splice - outside for a cast :)

The River Spey Anglers Association Fly Tying Fair 2024 is only two weeks away!

It's a great wee event this one and it is always good to catch up with everybody :z16

Who is going this year?

Out and about for a walk yestarday..

Managed to get passed the start of the marrat without filling my wellies with water. Fine once you get on to the main path no trees down.

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After so much dismal weather recently it was a relief to get such a beautiful New years day.
Headed for Cairn William at Pitfichie and was rewarded with some great views.

Looking down on the river Don at Monymusk village.

Looking down on Monymusk/Place of Tilliefoure water(i think)


A wee stroll at Monymusk on Boxing Day.

A few minor obstacles walking through paradise wood and the walk up through the forest at beat 2 is ok. But a lot of trees down on the upper half. Looks like they are getting ready for forestry operations. Some prep work has taken place. A big job.

The river bank looks clear enough for fishing,

Moved on a little from the Furnace fleas and thought I'd see what I could come up with just using the same materials ( or with one or two alterations).

Picked the Furnace Yellow this time and created a "Bob Fly" version.
Looks good to me *smiley-wink*

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Furnace Yellow.

Like this one and it's got a nice kinda Greenwell / Coo Dung vibe going on, certainly something I plan to adapt further.

Hook: Partridge G3A Sproat #12
Thread: Semperfli yellow 8/0 Classic Waxed
Tag: Glowbrite no 10 flo yellow
Tail: Golden Pheasant tippets
Body: Yellow holographic tinsel
Rib: 0.1mm gold wire
Thorax: Yellow Ice Dubbing
Hackle: Furnace saddle cock
Head Hackle: Furnace Hen.

#semperfli_flytying #Partridgeofredditch #furnaceyellow

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Been working on a " Family" based around the Furnace Gold shown on another post.
Love playing about with flies and hope it helps inspire others to do the same.

Heres them all.

Hope everybody enjoys a great Christmas!

All the best for 2024 - fingers crossed for a good season :z16


I've had this in the armoury for years, so long I can't even remember where I first saw it and can't find original dressing reference anywhere.
Assume it came from a magazine article and would love to credit originator.

Anyway a handy wet fly and, of course, I've a few variations  ) *smiley-grin*

Hook: Partridge G3A Sproat #12
Thread: Semperfli black 8/0 Classic Waxed Thread
Tail: GP tippets
Body: Gold tinsel
Rib: 0.2mm gold wire
Hackle: Furnace Hen


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Wild Stoves are closing down, read their blog post via the link below.

Sad news ..... but very much a sign of the times!



Something different for the holidays. I was trying to articulate something and it came out like this *smiley-tongue-out*

Its early evening, moody and warm,
Low level martins are dodging and darting.
Im Watching,
For the hatch to be starting.

Lost in my wonder, a season of thoughts,
Ephemeral dancers sparkle with light.
A dimple,
Im early tonight.

The weathers relaxing,
Rendered by thunder,
A dimple,
Cant help but wonder.

Fly soup at the bank,
Just drifting, a quiver,
A dimple,
A tail splits the river.

The water is nervous,
Charged up with life.
Prone Spinners,
Trapped duns,
Small sedges are rife.

Am I missing a trick,
Big fish need to feed,
Do they just wait?
Soups what they need.

After watching


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Cracking photo shared by Brian at Lochter Fishery.

Not surprised to see ice on the lochs, the last few mornings have certainly been a tad nippy.


Passionate, personal service from your small independent brand.
Designed, developed, packaged and posted by Mike for more than 20 years!

Great value for money all year round.
Trout lines 39.00 including postage.
Switch lines 45.00 including postage.
Original tapers designed on the rivers and lochs of Scotland.
Manufactured in the UK and the USA.

At the heart of your fishing - lies a great fly line!


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Fine view over Castle Forbes beat 5 and Monymusk beat 1 from the Gordon Way trail.

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